Nurturing Young Shoots this summer

Huddersfield based Charity Growing Works is supporting young people with needs, helping to build confidence and independence through outdoor activity and exploration.

In the past year Growing Works has seen 18 young people take up opportunities with its Young Shoots project, funded by Children in Need, to get involved in developing life skills through cooking, bushcraft, and environmental exploration.  This summer, in partnership with River Holme Connections, we will be exploring the river environment and travelling using public transport.

For many who struggle with additional needs it is not just their needs that they have to overcome but also public perceptions.  As young people begin to interact more independently with an increasingly complex world it’s easy to lose confidence. By providing the skills and self-belief to give things a go the project is delivering huge benefits for those involved.

Parent feedback from past sessions, “My child loves doing outdoor things but it’s always with family, he needs to develop independent skills and social skills, Young Shoots is helping with that”  

“The staff are never negative if a child isn’t doing the right thing, they use skilful redirection; they are supportive and nurturing ”  If you know a young person who might benefit from one of our courses please contact Growing Works for details on 01484 549479 or


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