New Womens Institute

The group’s first planning meeting, held on Tuesday night in Brambles, Holmfirth, attracted nearly 70 women from across the Holme Valley, all of whom were keen to see a new and modern WI organisation take seat in the valley.

The new group was the brainchild of Holmfirth resident Adele Hurst, who saw an opportunity for women to get together for activities, fundraising, networking and socialising – with an aim of reinforcing ties within the community.

After setting up a group on Facebook to garner interest, Adele was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response the idea received.

“Within two weeks we had gathered 130 members on the Facebook group, and debate was starting to take place about possible activities and events that we could host.” Adele explained.

“I contacted the West Yorkshire WI for advice and approval on setting up a new group within Holmfith, and after meeting with a representative the group was given the go-ahead and we organised an initial planning meeting to get the ball rolling”.

The group aims to be friendly, open and inclusive, allowing women from all ages and walks of life to join together to socialise and learn new skills.

Though the WI is often perceived as a traditional organisation, Adele is anxious the new group should embrace modern ideas and activities as well as the more traditional skills and crafts.

Ideas already on the table include talks from mechanics on basic car maintenance, and approaching the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team to learn about navigation and enjoying the hills safely.

“Of course, these activities will rub shoulders with the more traditional baking and jam-making commonly associated with the WI.” Adele explains.

“We want to make sure there’s something here for everyone, and of course the final ideas about what we do will come straight from our members.”

The group aims to be officially set up in January 2013. In the meantime, however, pre-planning meetings will commence in an “unofficial” capacity.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th November at 7.30pm in Brambles with the aim of formalising proceedings and electing key positions.

Anyone interested in joining the new Holmfirth WI group is welcome to attend the next meeting, or contact Adele Hurst for more information at

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