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Kerry Sykes, the owner of the Holmfirth Events website was nominated for by several members within the community for the “Service to the Community Award” with the Huddersfield Daily Examiner. This is a great honour, and we really can’t wait for the ceremony!!!

The examiner wrote this:-

“Kerry Sykes


If it’s happening in Holmfirth then Kerry Sykes will be very much involved.

For Kerry puts in up to 40 voluntary hours a week to promote Holmfirth in every way she possibly can.

The mum-of-three has been nominated by several people in the Holme Valley, including Jon 
Burdon who said: “Kerry has helped to really pull the community together and promote our lovely town of Holmfirth online, helping to make a real 
difference in the local community.

More than 4,000 events have been promoted during this time and the website has supported over 200 local businesses and 100 local community groups.

“Kerry has a real passion for Holmfirth, and has worked selflessly on the website for over two years, not only running the 
website and the Facebook page, but also setting up and helping run local community Facebook groups.”

These are Holmfirth What’s On Calendar — promoting local events and news; Holmfirth Snow — a Facebook group helping the local community communicate with each other in extreme weather conditions; Holmfirth Jobs — a free services for local businesses to post job vacancies to help get local people into local jobs; Holmfirth Business News — promoting business events in the Holme Valley, like networking events, news and grants; Holmfirth and Huddersfield Craft Stalls — helping connect local craft stall holders with event organisers; and Holmfirth Buy or Sell — helping people sell 
second-hand goods locally.

Jon added: “Kerry has also helped out local businesses before Christmas with the Holmfirth Hullabaloo, a fun local scheme to help get more people to shop locally, getting many of the businesses in Holmfirth to work together.

“She also set up and runs the #Holmfirthhour on Twitter to help connect residents and businesses together which she does each Sunday night because of her love for Holmfirth!

“I am so impressed with the dedication Kerry has shown to Holmfirth by her unstinting support for the local community and local businesses. The Holmfirth Events ‘one stop shop’ website was a well-needed service for the Holme Valley, and has been really well supported by the community.”

Yvonne Radcliffe added: “Kerry has brought our community together — she liaises with all sorts of groups and promotes all businesses in the Holme Valley.”

Kerry is married to Wayne and the couple live at Hade Edge with their three daughters Lucy, 10, Freya, 5, and Ruby, 4.

She has just been appointed vice-chairman of the enterprise and development committee of Holmfirth Business Association.”


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