The Bright Green Community Trust to open shortly.

Now that our community energy business, HoTTWind@Longley is established and the wind turbine is generating renewable electricity and earning money, the long planned Bright Green Community Trust (BGCT) is about to swing into action.

At the HoTTWind AGM in January, after its first year of operation, the HoTTWind Members endorsed the Directors decision to make an £11k community fund donation to the Trust.

The disbursement of the funds will be administered by One Community, the independent Community Foundation trust serving Kirklees, on behalf of the BGCT Trust.

The grant making decisions will be made by BGCT Trustees, representing HoTT and Longley Farm.

The Trust’s purpose is to help groups and individuals who live or work in the upper Holme Valley to start up or maintain ”green” projects intended to benefit our local community.

The fund is expected to open for applications in the next week or two (date and details to be announced separately by One Community, with information about the kind of projects suitable for funding). After an invitation and applications process for grants of up to £2,000, successful applicants will receive their awards from May 2017 onwards.



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