Be part of Local Democracy Week 2018

Local Democracy Week is a great opportunity to help people of all ages to learn more about our democracy and be part of civic life. We’re looking for people and organisations who might want to get involved by organising an event or activity anywhere in Kirklees during October 2018.

Could you do something that will help our citizens to learn something about local democracy? Last year local organisations got involved by showing films, running workshops and hosting talks. We’ve shared a few other tips and ideas for things you might like to try on our blog:

5 ways to be part of Local Democracy Week 2018

Interested in taking part?

We can help by including your event in our Local Democracy Week promotion. The week is from 15th to 21st October, but we are looking for events anytime in October that fit the theme.

Please share your event information by emailing us at:

If you need any other advice or support to participate, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

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