A Vegetarians Guide to Eating in Holmfirth

Sometimes finding delicious vegetarian options, let alone vegan choices, while eating out can be hard. Nevertheless, Holmfirth and the surrounding areas offer numerous restaurants that cater to vegetarians as much as they do meat eaters. Here is a selection of some of the local restaurants that offer vegetarian and/or vegan food and the types of dishes included so whether you’ve been a vegetarian for years, or simply want to cut down your meat intake a couple of days a week, this article is for you. Please note many of the other restaurants in the area also offer vegetarian options this is just a selection with full menus for all the restaurants associated with Holmfirth Events available on our website under the Eat & Drink section.

BLUE TIGER, HONLEY – As with most authentic Indian curry houses the Blue Tiger does not disappoint with its vegetarian options from a Vegetarian Delight starter (mixed platter of bhajis, samosas and pakoras) along with Gol Gappay (a chickpea onion, potato, and tomato pastry dish). The Blue Tiger also has all the usual curries and biryani dishes with mixed vegetable options as well as nine speciality curries. Moreover, the menu features of a vegetarian selection of dishes to be had as mains or as sides such as Bombay Potatoes, Sag Aloo Josh, and Gobi Bhaji just to name a select few. Overall, vegetarians are spoilt for choice at the Blue Tiger. BENGAL SPICE and SHIMLA INDIAN CUISINE also deserve honourable mentions for featuring a similar range of Indian vegetarian options.

THE HUNTSMAN INN, HOLMFIRTH – With the usual pub classics as well as their own take on British food the Huntsman offers numerous vegetarian options from an interesting Beetroot Falafel Fritter to Pea and Shallot Ravioli for starters, and an option of a Box Camembert to share, to a Sweet Potato & Chickpea Burger and a Vegetable Curry the Huntsman offers the typical vegetarian options on their main menu.

MUSTARD & PUNCH, HOLMFIRTH – Mustard & Punch offer a number of plant-based vegetarian dishes, with two being able to be made vegan on requests such as the Roasted Root Vegetable Tagine and a Split Pea Dahl with Road Halloumi and a Cauliflower fritter. Moreover, these dishes can be made to either a starter size or a full-sized main giving multiple options for those vegetarians wanting a two or three-course meal.

THE PICKED PHEASANT – They offer both vegetarian and vegan options with a Mushroom Korma, Roast Shallot Nasi Goreng, and a Sweet Potato Tagine for the vegans to offer them Eastern cuisines, along with Parmigiana Melanzane and a Vegetable Pie for the vegetarians.

MEZZE, HOLMFIRTH – Vegetarians do not miss out in sharing food at Mezze with whole section of the menu dedicated to veggie options including, but not limited to, Halloumi Saganaki, Grilled Goats Cheese with Honey, and a Spanakopita, Spinach & Feta Filo Pie.

THE WHIPPET AND PICKLE, HOLMFIRTH – Although they change their menus regularly form the sample menu the Whippet and Pickle ensure they cater to vegetarian with an example starter of a Jerusalem Artichoke Soup and a main of Zataar Roasted Squash to offer vegetarians more options than just the typical veggie burger and curry.

EN ROUTE, HOLMFIRTH – In terms of lunch or lighter options En Route is a good option for vegetarians and even vegans (as long as they like avocados) with an Avocado, Orange & Carrot Salad, an Avocado Jacket Potato, and a Smashed Avocado on Bloomer. En Route also offers the usual meatless salad, sandwiches, paninis/toasties, and jacket potatoes.

PHILOMENA FOGGS – Another place for lighter/lunch vegetarian bites is Philomena Foggs with Welsh Rarebit, a Spiced Cauliflower Burger, and a Vegetarian Quorn and 5 Bean Chilli Baked Potato from the hot dishes section to a Veggie Platter and a Cheese Platter. Vegans also have a fantastic seven options to choose from including a Vegan Platter and a Red Lentil and Spinach Dahl.

BLOC – For a veggie friendly breakfast Bloc is one of the best places to go with vegan options with their own take of Classic Avocado + Chilli along with Banana + Cinnamon on toast. There are also delicious vegetarian options of Avocado, Halloumi + Salsa, Traditional Eggy Bread, and Classic Beans on toast. Moreover, their specials often feature at least one vegetarian option.

For full menus please visit the Eat & Drink section of our website where a list of menus for each of the restaurants associated with Holmfirth Events is located. 


BLOG BY Rebecca (Becky) Smith


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