Data as of 10th September 2013

The Holmfirth Events website is doing tremendously well, with over 85,000 views of the website over the last 4 months alone. 70% of those being new visitors and 30% return visitors, which for many industries, is considered a high rate of return visitors to a new website. So this proves, it’s a well-established website, with people re-using it website on a regular basis.

Compared to the previous 4 months, this is an increase of 54%. In the last 4 weeks alone, we have had 21,888 views, showing further increases in visitors to the site.

The Facebook page Holmfirth What’s on Calendar now has over 4,000 likes and Twitter (@HolmfirthEvents) is above 2,500 followers. We have promoted over 3,000 events and local information since their launch 2 years ago. We promote events for local community organisations and local businesses on a near daily basis, which we receive a great amount of feedback of thanks from due to their impact.

Internet searches not just local, but from the United Kingdom and Worldwide over the last 4 months account for 80% of the traffic to the website (60% from internet searches, and 20% from people directly entering in the web address into Google (mainly through our advertising campaigns). With 10% coming from social media, which shows it is very high ranking on internet searches, so we do not rely on our Social Media alone. We have continually been in the top 5 ranking on Google over the last 6 months, with a search simply on “Holmfirth”, regularity being at the top of the list. On a Google search of “Holmfirth Events” or “What’s on” over that entire period, we have retaining the no 1 slot, so is a great website to further use to promote all your events and business.

The website continues to be voluntarily run, so costs remain low due to it being non profit, we are working extremely hard to promote Holmfirth, not just to locals, but from further afield, which is proved in our statistics alone above. The business has plans to develop further over the next 6 months, and will retain its goals and objectives to help businesses to gain “more people through the doors”, and to help the local community.

Contributions from businesses help not only towards the costs of running the website, but also help in the promotion of the brand, including Facebook advertising, Website Advertising, Press advertising, and promotional advertising and much more! Which will help “spread the word” about Holmfirth, and to promote what a truly unique and beautiful area it is, and how much there is to do. As well as visitors, we try hard to increase the awareness with local residents to be more aware more of “what’s available”, and to get them using the town more often for business and to attend events.

So, please don’t forget to submit any events to us at your business, (please use the website for this, found under the contact form as “submit your event” (, or simply email all the details to

To summarise what the website contains Featured Events, Regular events, Accommodation, Places to Eat and Drink, Shops, Attractions, Special Offers and Promotions, Local Services, Jobs, thing to Join in and much more. Our Promotions and Special Offers pages allow you to further publicise your special promotions at your business , so if have an offer us for the website that would please email us on, this is also a free service for listings. 

We also have aHolmfirth Jobs” Facebook page, which is free service you can utilise, simply email us the details at, which is also linked on the website.

If you are on twitter, then why not also join in our #holmfirthhour on a Sunday night from 8-9pm, simply add #holmfirthhour to your tweet during that time to further promote your business.

If you have any queries over any of the figures, or require more in-depth details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to maybe interrogate the data available for your specific business sector.

If you would like to further enhance your presence on the website, why not also consider banner advertising?, details can be found on our contact page of the website, this allows your business to more visible on the website.


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